Woman Was The Word

A Multimedia Project curated by Absent Fever

I was asked to create a three piece video and the album art for Woman Was The Word: A Multimedia Project curated by Absent Fever. This
project focuses on the under-appreciated female artists across all different mediums.

See the full project here: AbsentFever

"Woman Was the Word is a project envisioned inobservation of the nature in which women are present in the artworld, specifically in regards to music. We found that thoughwomen are present, their presence is often unknown orunrecognized. While most fields are male dominant, this may notbe entirely true in visual arts and music. Women are present, butin a community like the blog community, the presence of theirtalents can often go under-appreciated in the almost camouflagenature of blogging. The idea of the project was to unveil andilluminate the persistent talents of females whilst tyingtogether all aspects of this community. We asked three remarkablefemale bloggers to write pieces, poetry, stories, about anythingthat made them feel inspired to put pen to paper. The threebloggers who participated were Holly of East to West, Katieof HeavyPercussion, and Nada of  Friends With Both Arms.Those three pieces they wrote were then interpreted by threefemale musicians who we asked to make original songs inspired bythe writing. The three musicians who participated were ElizabethRose(who’s song was inspired by Holly’s piece), RachelLevy (who’s song was inspired by Katie’s piece),and Yohuna + AdelynRose (who’s song was inspired by Nada’s piece). Allthree songs were then sent to a female artist andvideographer, Heather Daniels, whocreated one video for all three tracks. In result, we’ve receivedart across all mediums that pay magnificent tribute to the workof women in this world and we’d like to share it with you. Youcan download the three songs here andbelow are the three pieces written by the bloggers for theproject:

Elizabeth Rose- ”Throw Me To The Stars ”  (Inspired by East to West)

Rachel Levy- ”Pierced “  (Inspired by Heavy Percussion)

Yohuna & Adelyn Rose- ”All The Slow Songs (Waiting) “ (Inspired by Friends WithBoth Arms)"

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