Upcoming Gatherings

2018 gatherings will highlight six major themes:

Birth (May)  |  Balance (June)  |  Interconnection (July)  |   Spirit (Aug)  |  Movement (Sept)  |  Death (Oct)

Our guides will offer unique thoughts and support in what that particular theme means to them, and we will all hold space for open conversations within those themes. Further, we will continue meeting in natural spaces where we can relax, unplug, explore and reconnect with the natural world. Everyone is invited to take part in the discussions and activities if they speak to them, or simply take time to explore the outdoors, yourself and the connections that reveal themselves in these safe spaces of open women.

Our full lineup of guides and locations will be announced in early Spring.

Please check back soon or subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

photo by Lizzy Affa

photo by Ashley Jardim

photo by Lizzy Affa