We Are Still Wild Oral History

with Rachel Blodgett

Rachel's Story

I was first attracted to Rachel because I felt a deep familiarity of her spirit to my own. Soft and sweet and highly sensitive, with a tremendous power surging below. Rachel also seems to see the unseen in the same way I do. There is a magic about and around her; a deep mystery and pure transparency. I've always felt spectacularly see-through all my life, and I wanted to talk to Rachel about how she's been able to navigate the world with what seemed like such a similar life path as my own.

When I was setting up a time to visit Rachel, she suggested that we wait until the light illuminated the studio prisms in the evening. With that, I knew she was a kindred spirit.

I loved my visit with Rachel. We started with a stroll through her neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California. Then transitioned into some tea in her sun and treasure filled apartment. I loved so much about her space. The radiant and earth based color combos, her self healing modalities woven throughout, a closed door with a subtle sign reading "Rachel's Room" above. I loved the mischief in her eyes when she mentioned her beloved cat was hiding in the closet. There was a soft sweet smell in the air. A bird chorus outside. It was truly Rachel's space. Something I appreciate in a time when many of us 20-30 something year olds have trouble doing; grounding, nesting, settling, making a space our own, resonating our energies out in a clear and purposeful manner.

After the oral history, Rachel took me to her textile studio where she creates masterful pieces for Serpent and Bow. In the magic that was my time with Rachel, I walked into a space where the prisms indeed were aglow, the sun radiated through the windows in a soft yellow and vibrant red that perfectly matched Rachel's hair, outfit and energy. The surfaces were covered in new pieces to be sewn, dyed and infused. There were muses on the walls, in human, slip, dress and flower form. I left giving Rachel a huge hug and breathing a sigh of relief that there are others out there just like me. Others who feel everything, have recognized it as a gift rather than a burden, and have found happy and hopeful outlets to share these gifts with others. This visit with Rachel solidified why I started the We Are Still Wild Oral History Project in the first place, and I thank her for her time, vulnerability and willingness to do the work and live as her highest self.

From Rachel's website:

Serpent & Bow is a labour of love born from the studio of Rachel Blodgett. Working with botanical dyes, Indigo, beeswax, and natural fibers, Rachel creates garments and textiles that honor the connection between physical body and spirit, serving as talismans of courage, liberty, and the life-sustaining power of hope.