We Are Still Wild | Oral Histories

I'm working on interviewing women who have a special knack for listening to their highest selves and find ways to honor it. Further, who are able to create true community, deep friendships, explore self care and find hopeful outlets in this often confusing, overstimulating and hurtful world. These oral histories are my small attempt to showcase women who I hope inspire other highly sensitive people to look toward interconnection, finding their own hopeful outlets and relief in their suffering by resonating with similar stories to their own.
In a time when it's easy to feel powerless and defeated, I feel it's so important to promote interconnection, holistic healing, connecting with the natural world and being true to our highest selves. I'm just one person sending a small cry into the abyss, but I'm determined to channel my fear of chaotic hatred into work that inspires and serves as a reminder that we belong to ourselves and to each other. If you're open to having a casual conversation with me about your own story, I'd love to hear from you.

Marlee Grace

is an improviser and writer living in rural California.

Madeline Owen

is an artist and plant enthusiast living in Asheville, North Carolina.

Rachel Blodgett

creates garments and textiles that honor the connection between physical body and spirit in Northern California.

Kelly Moody

is an artist, writer, traveler, naturalist, farmer and herbalist living on the road.

Amelia Kaufhold


Maribeth Helen


Niki Ford


Rachel Burgos


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