We Are Still Wild Oral History

with Marlee Grace

Marlee's Story

I met Marlee (a friend of a friend) on a visit to my spirit spot - Point Reyes, CA - and interviewed her for my ongoing oral history project. She graciously opened up her home to me, her new project (Center), and her thoughts on finding hopeful outlets. She also broadened my love of Point Reyes by helping me shift my ten years of deep love of Point Reyes’ natural spaces, to its people. From my first visit with Marlee, I met a sweet spirit who healed my understanding of how much male energy can connect with female, and truly care for one another. On my second visit, I met an energy worker who changed my perception of what can be done through that work, how I should continue my own path of study, and showed me just how soft-strong someone can be. Two short visits with Marlee and I already feel a sense of community in a small town I have been visiting for over ten years. She's a connector, an inspirer, and certainly reminds us what it feels like to have life coursing through our veins.

Since visiting Marlee back in December of 2017, she has turned Center into a physical space. She released a calendar, an audio book version of "a scared shift," and will soon release her popular zine, "How to Not Always Be Working,' into a book. She danced, swam, hiked and walked much of Point Reyes National Seashore... and beyond. She's held classes, workshops, film screenings, creative advising sessions... the list goes on. I'm sure you've gathered, she's a mover and a shaker.

I’m excited to share her thoughts on dancing through the Great Mystery. Further, I’m so glad to have a friendly face in my favorite town. Marlee has a lot to share and I highly suggest perusing her digital creative space and offerings at marleegrace.space.

From Marlee's website:

Marlee Grace is an improviser and writer living in rural California.

She works with improvisation as a method for navigating being alive and making work through movement, quilting, writing, and podcasting 

She facilitates classes and events for her own work and for others. She loves to help other artists/humans unlock what is blocking them creatively through one-on-one creative mapping sessions.

She is also working on a book called How to Not Always Be Working which is a spiritual and practical toolkit for taking breaks and loving your work and your life. That book comes out fall of 2018.