We Are Still Wild Oral History

with Madeline Owen

Madeline's Story

Madeline is the illustrator of my *drum roll please* upcoming children’s book, and someone I am forever grateful for bumping into at a woodland cabin during my first weeks in Maine seven years ago. I've been so impressed with the way she stays rooted to the ground, and how that comes out in her art, her life and her presence. The way she is bringing my children's book to life makes me so grateful, not only for her willingness to do so, but for how perfectly her imagination brings every detail of the story to life without me ever having to describe it. Further, I wear her beautiful :::support and protection::: patch on the back of my jacket, which illustrates her tincture formula of the same medicine. A process that allows us to wear the medicine wherever we go. An idea I think is genius, and hope she continues to share. It's a motherwort tincture with solar eclipse calendula flower essence added to it. It works and forever connects me to other allies, who on a day to day basis compliment the medicine and ask where they can "harvest" some of their own.

Needless to say, Madeline makes me believe in fairies, in the importance of gentleness, and listening carefully to the soft whispers of the woods.

From Madeline:

Madeline Owen is an artist and plant enthusiast from Mid-Coast Maine. She currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina.