WASW Gathering - Interconnection

July 6-8, 2017 in Acadia National Park


In general, there are two different views of how we perceive the world. The first view is that all beings exist independently, that the world is a collection of independent beings. From this perspective, life and death of one being is unrelated to the life and death of another.

In our July gathering, we will explore the second world view: that all beings, rather than existing independently, exist in relation to other beings. Further, that everything in the world is interconnected, and by not understanding this on a core level, we are alienating ourselves from our true nature, and from each other. We are not only connected to other people, but to the air through our breathing and to the universe through light. Thus, severing these interconnections means death for all beings.

Women are the great connectors, and to heal the current atmosphere of hate, isolation and fear, it's important that we take hold of this gift and start using it to promote interconnection and spread compassion. July's gathering is an opportunity to talk about how we might do this in our own lives and to support one another in doing so.

The foundation of this gathering will take place at The Howling Woods, which is an immense example of interconnection in itself. Amongst the forest trails you will find a collection of tiny houses and huts, a fresh spring to collect your water, a communal fire pit, composting toilets and an incredible collection of animals living together in community.

July's Guide

Hi there, I'm Heather, founder of We Are Still Wild. I'm excited to show you around one of the most magical and healing places on Earth. I've spent seven years exploring Mount Desert Island, found many secrets, and continue to uncover them year by year. I'd like to share a few with you, and leave space for you to find your own.

A little about me: I’m trying to align my spiritual truth with my human experience through digital storytelling, women’s gatherings, holistic healing and soft guidance (Reiki, plant medicine and exploring the outdoors). I hope to reflect integrity, mindfulness, my love of Spirit, compassion and empathy onto the world.

I spend my days as a digital storyteller and oral historian focused on creating a more humane pathway forward, which I facilitate through the creative agency I founded; OPIA Creative. My work revolves around inspiring others to reconnect with the natural world, themselves and holistic modalities. With one foot immersed in technology and the other in holistic wellness, I'm striving to create a long line of work based around inspiring the spirit, mindfulness, dignity, interconnection, self care and the stories behind the people spreading their knowledge and passion about these topics.

Along with my technological skill set, I also have a degree in alternative and holistic wellness, I am a Reiki practitioner, a cook specializing in food sensitivities and allergies, study sound healing, herbalism and wild crafting. In short, I'm interested in all aspects of holistic living, making them accessible and easily understood.

“I believe that we have the capacity to create a world that is compassionately intent on preserving the integrity of all life in a harmonious balance. And that the Sacred Instructions for creating that world exist within every one of us right now and are waiting to be called forth.” - Sherri Mitchell


; feel free to do as you please!


5pm arrival (not mandatory, carpooling encouraged and happy to help arrange)

Setup Camp

Cook Dinner

Sunset Free Time (swim / draw / walk the beach / whatever your heart desires)

Fire & Introductions

New Moon Swim (skinny dipping highly encouraged!)


Morning Salutations and Yoga (anyone willing to lead?)


Hike Parkman Mountain

Mountaintop Lunch

Campground Free Time (swim / Reiki / card readings / whatever your heart desires)


New Moon Fire Circle / Setting Intentions.


Morning Salutations and Yoga (anyone willing to lead?)


Pack Up & Goodbyes

Optional Late Morning Hike at Sargent Loop


Everything will be gluten free and dairy free, with vegetarian options. Please note any other food allergies, sensitivities and preferences you have. We are happy to accommodate your needs (the cook has plenty of sensitivities herself)! The Howling Woods does not have running water (but does have a spring fed pump) or electricity, so bring non-perishables and / or a cooler. It will also be helpful if you have and are willing to bring a camp stove of some kind.


Potluck - Please bring something to share and label ingredients for the food-sensitive.


Homemade granola with cashew milk and bananas. Savory empanadas. If you want coffee, bring ground beans and something to make it in (there is no running water or electricity)!


Hummus wraps along with a selection of delicious snacks, bars, fruits and nuts.


Good ol' fashioned cook out. Burgers and dogs (veggie options happily provided upon request), salad, chips & salsa, s'mores.


Banana bread and egg frittata.

What You Can Bring

Tent, sleeping bag, camp stove, headlamp, hiking shoes, swimsuit, wine, mocktail-cocktail fixings, other beverages, something sweet to share (chef’s choice, dairy-soy free chocolate), tea, snacks, yoga mats and something for the new moon alter. Also, surprises are great too!

Interested in joining us?

*UPDATE* Sign ups are closed for this gathering. Thanks for your interest!

Please register as soon as you can. With only 7-8 spaces available, we will also be putting together an overflow list, which will be used to fill cancelations as well as inspire the potential for further gatherings.

The cost of this gathering is on a sliding scale of $75-$150. This will allow us to purchase high quality, fresh and local ingredients for all meals, treats, activity supplies, firewood and campsites. Please give what you can and don't overextend yourself. We strive to keep the costs of these gatherings as low as possible, but if this price range is outside of your budget, please be in touch.

Note: If you are able to pay $150, you will help someone else participate. Thank you!


After you donate to the gathering's sliding scale, you will be directed to a questionnaire where we'll ask for a bit more information about your good self.

Your Hosts


A West coast vibration grounded in an East coast vessel; visual storyteller, sound healer, forest spirit.

Founder, OPIA Creative & We Are Still Wild

Instagram: @we.are.still.wild

The Howling Woods

Come stay among moss covered spruce woods in our village of tiny homes and misfit animals, a short walk from the ocean, lakes and mountains of Acadia.

Instagram: @thehowlingwoods