We Are Still Wild Gatherings

are focused on inspiring our highest selves and enlivening the wildness in all of us. Gatherings are filled with outdoor activities that are meant to be approachable to all and food that is nourishing, delicious and allergy friendly. There are no rules, other than to support yourself, others and take advantage of the time and space provided for self-care, compassion and the potential to bloom. 

In the past, gatherings have been pre-planned and offered as a ready to join container. Moving into the new year, that form is shifting.

I, Heather, would like to help you create and facilitate gatherings that inspire your own interests and path in life. Have you always wanted to spend a few days deep in the forest? Have you wanted to climb your first mountain? Are you called to cook over a campfire on the ocean on an uninhabited island? Lets make it happen.

Using my years of experience hosting gatherings and spending much of my time in the woods, I invite you to reach out with your own ideas and have us work together on creating an experience that you may not feel comfortable manifesting on your own. I will also join you when the time comes to hold space and help support the process in whatever ways are needed.

If you need a little inspiration, take a look a our past gatherings.

About Me

Hi there, I'm Heather, founder of We Are Still Wild. I’m trying to align my spiritual truth with my human experience through digital storytelling, women’s gatherings, holistic healing and soft guidance (Reiki, plant medicine and exploring the outdoors). I hope to reflect integrity, mindfulness, my love of Spirit, compassion and empathy onto the world.

I spend my days as a digital storyteller and oral historian focused on creating a more humane pathway forward, which I facilitate through the creative agency I founded; OPIA Creative. My work revolves around inspiring others to reconnect with the natural world, themselves and holistic modalities. With one foot immersed in technology and the other in holistic wellness, I'm striving to create a long line of work based around inspiring the spirit, mindfulness, dignity, interconnection, self care and the stories behind the people spreading their knowledge and passion about these topics.

Along with my technological skill set, I also have a degree in alternative and holistic wellness, I am a Reiki practitioner, a cook specializing in food sensitivities and allergies, study sound healing, herbalism and wild crafting. In short, I'm interested in all aspects of holistic living, making them accessible and easily understood.

“I believe that we have the capacity to create a world that is compassionately intent on preserving the integrity of all life in a harmonious balance. And that the Sacred Instructions for creating that world exist within every one of us right now and are waiting to be called forth.” - Sherri Mitchell

Lets Work Together

If you're interested in creating a gathering or solo trip with my guidance, please send your wishes and we'll go from there. I aim to make the cost of the gathering and my support as affordable as possible, but please note if you have a particular budget in mind. I look forward to hearing from you!

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.” - Rachel Carson