Donate to the Project

Up until this point I have been able to save my pennies and fund the project myself. However, the connections I have made and ever-growing list of women I'd like to interview is becoming long, exciting... and expensive. By financially supporting the  We Are Still Wild Oral History Project and gatherings, you will help cover the costs of setting up interviews, filming-editing-hosting-archiving, and the occasional hostel stay or meal during my time on the road. Further, you will help create scholarships for women who would like to join our gatherings focused on inspiring our highest selves and enlivening the wildness in all of us.

How your funds will help:

$1 - I Believe In This Project

Thank you! I really appreciate your encouragement and support.

$5 - On The Road Coffee & Snack Fund

Snacks are SO important, thank you!

$15 - Gas Fund

Thanks for getting me to my next location!

$35 - Hostel Fund

New connections and a hot shower, hooray!

$50 - Pre-Production Fund

Help me cover the brainstorming / scheduling phase of each interview.

$100 - Filming Fund

Help me cover the filming phase of each interview.

$250 - Post-Production Fund

Help me cover the editing, hosting and archiving phase of each interview.

$500 - Fund an Entire Interview

Holy moly, thanks! You just covered the cost of an entire interview, start to finish. My hero.