About the WASW Gatherings Logo

This logo represents everything we strive to achieve through the We Are Still Wild gatherings. The women represent interconnection, which breaths life, hope, inspiration, support and compassion into one another. The plants represent our connection with nature, immersing ourselves in the physical plane and allowing that experience to enliven our spirit. The circle represents so much; the full blood moon, the sun, and their connection to the cycles that connect us. Overall, the logo represents the safe space we create when coming together, and the ability to open our hearts to new experiences and people who better serve our highest selves.

About the Artist

An enormous amount of gratitude goes to the magnificent artist, Mirella Salame (@ellazplanet), who's artwork brought this logo to life.
Mirella is a Lebanese multidisciplinary artist, also known as ella for ellazplanet. She works with reclaimed material, such as wood, paper, and natural “ingredients,” weaved with the immaterial, such as herstory, time, memory, and dreams. Mirella also works with performance art, installation art and poetry. She has won several prizes along the years, namely the Installation Prize at the Modern And Contemporary Art Museum in Lebanon (MACAM), and the Excellency Prize from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HES.SO), Western Switzerland.
You can see more of her work on her website (www.mirellasalame.com) and Instagram (@ellazplanet).

Image of artist by POEM AND DISH